Protection Planning

The implementation of a robust wealth protection strategy is equally as important as a wealth creation strategy.

Watermark offers solutions to protect you and your estate, helping to ensure your financial goals are met and your family and children are protected.

If your business partner was too ill to work or died suddenly, our services can help prevent majority shares ending up in the wrong hands.

If your business has a small number of people who are critical to its success have you considered what would happen if a key person were taken seriously ill or died suddenly?

Protection Planning Advice

When was the last time you reviewed your protection plans?

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Investments, Savings & Inheritance Tax

Investments, Savings & Inheritance Tax

We understand that every investor is unique, you want your savings to work for you and when it comes to passing on your assets, you want your loved ones to receive your wealth, not the tax man

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Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

The State Pension alone will not be enough to ensure a comfortable retirement so it is worth reviewing your options as
soon as you can.

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